As Past President of the IABC-Colorado Board, I am proud to announce that our chapter started a new board term in July.  The board of directors is in the process of transitioning between the two terms. I want to offer my sincerest thanks to our 2015-2016 board, which included Sherry Boyd, Cathy Chase, Melanie Rice, ABC, Kimberly Kovacich, Jay Thomas, Deanna Geldins, Jo Solonika, ABC and Susan Caron.  Many of these talented and dedicated professionals will also be serving on the chapter’s 2016-2017 board.

We had some significant chapter accomplishments in the past year, and this leadership team played a great part in that. Among our achievements was hosting a very successful IABC Southern Region conference in October.  Our professional development team planned insightful and educational Lunch and Learn programs in partnership with our chapter sponsors at the University of Denver’s University College. Our communication team updated the IABC Colorado website and launched a new email platform. And our administration team set up a new internal communication software which will help the Colorado IABC chapter track all internal board documents moving forward.  I’m so grateful to have worked with all of you to move the chapter forward and appreciate your efforts throughout the year to improve IABC Colorado.

On July 1, our new chapter president, Cathy Chase will be leading our new board of directors.  Below is the list of new Board Members for the 2016/2017 Board Term.  For more information about IABC-Colorado check out our website.

President – Cathy Chase
President Elect – Kimberly Kovacich
Vice President of Finance – Deanna Geldens
Vice President Administration – Caitlin Jenney
Co-Vice Presidents Communication –  Sabrina Hall and Jay Thomas
Co-Vice Presidents Professional Development – Alannah Smith and Scott Hild
Co-Vice Presidents Membership – Melanie Rice, ABC and Jo Solonika, ABC
Past President and Senior Delegate – Sarah Thornton

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